Play Therapy For Children Is Helpful For:

  • who have experienced significant change or loss in their lives
  • who have Relocated from another city, country or through divorce/separation
  • who have been Adopted
  • who have challenges with Self-Regulation Or Diagnosed With ADHD
  • who are experiencing, anxiety, worry, depression or excessive anger 
  • who have experienced invasive medical procedures or a Traumatic Pre/Peri Natal Period
  • who have a Chronically Ill Parent 
  • who have Siblings With Special Needs 

   Services Offered:

  • Child-Focused Play Therapy
  • Family-Focused Theraplay®
  • Attachment-Focused Theraplay®
  • Consultations for parents, professionals and caregivers (grandparents, foster parents)
Sessions Are Covered By Extended Health Insurance Plans

     Play is the most natural means of communication for children. Play therapy helps reveal and heal emotions           sometimes too difficult to access and verbalize. Often, after a short period, disruptive behaviours gradually             diminish and greater awareness comes for both child and parent.

     Initially, I meet with one or both parents to review concerns, establish our goals and explain the treatment             process.

     Depending on the needs of the child/family, either a non-directive (individual) or directive (including                       parents) play therapy approach will be chosen, or a combination.