Play Therapy For Children Is Helpful For:

  • who have had loss and are in Grief
  • who have Relocated from another city, country or through divorce/separation
  • who have been Adopted
  • who have challenges with Self-Regulation Or Diagnosed With ADHD
  • who are experiencing, anxiety, worry, depression or excessive anger 
  • who have experienced invasive medical procedures or a Traumatic Pre/Peri Natal Period
  • who have a Chronically Ill Parent 
  • who have Siblings With Special Needs 

 Services Offered:

  • Child-Focused Play Therapy

  • Family-Focused Theraplay®

  • Attachment-Focused Theraplay®

  • Consultations for parents, professionals and caregivers (grandparents, foster parents)

What you can expect:

  • Play is the most natural means of communication for children. Play therapy helps reveal and heal emotions sometimes too difficult to access and verbalize.
  • The first session is for one or both parents, when we review concerns, discuss our goals and the treatment process.
  • Depending on the needs of the child/family, either a non-directive (individual) or directive (including parents) play therapy approach will be chosen, or a combination.